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There’s always a time in life where Money and Fame intrigued you (Don’t lie now), you want @ Taiwan http://t.cn/AiD0Z7mQ ​

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• Experiences • Trust gets you killed Love gets you hurt And being real gets you hated. @ Taiwan http://t.cn/Aiert5Gs ​

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He is all things calm and unpredictable , She is all sorts of wild and foreseeable @ Taipei, Taiwan http://t.cn/Aid12Brq ​

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A Boy will tell you to shut your mouth. A Man will tell you your lips are sexy when it’s @ Taiwan http://t.cn/Aid0iPv2 ​

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Find someone who isn’t afraid that knows how to say I Miss You. Missing someone is not abo @ Taiwan http://t.cn/AidC3VfJ ​

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@wmlhiphop 李杰明,今天起你已不是一位Teenager了,你成年長大了。你是一位充滿影響力的人物,能擁有你這樣的孩子在我們生活中是個很大的Blessing。謝謝你的存在, @ Taiwan http://t.cn/AipfaYTn ​

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Visions in your BLOOD. Music through my FLOW. 你的視力,我的聲音。 • (雖然在鏡頭後面的那個人外表其實比我更搶眼...) • 你們會想看哪一面,聽什麼曲風的我?可以留言跟我分享討論 😈 • Video 影片 By: Michael Li 李可揚 (No Limits Li) IG: @no_limits_li • Chain Of Shade 詞/曲/ ​

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